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Cover for the ULT

On this page I provide a downloadable zip file containing information on how to duplicate the pattern for the ULT cover shown above. The ULT design embroidered on my cover is from an old backup CD; the source is unknown so this design cannot be included with the ULT cover pattern.

This is a picture of the back of the blue (test) cover. The cover fits properly when the arm is in the normal "parked" position.

The ULT cover pattern is supplied as a zip file containing 3 jpg files and an rtf file describing how to make the cover from the jpg pictures. To provide an idea of what a picture contains, here is the pattern for the right end of our cover, as included in the zip file. Users must make a 1" grid on a large sheet of paper and then copy the pattern by noting where our outline intersects our grid lines, making their outline correspond. Additional directions are included in the zip. My computer automatically uses Irfanview as a jpg viewer for files on my disk; Irfanview is free and allows adjusting the displayed size of a picture to fit onto the screen or expanding an area of a picture to see more detail. Irfanview may facilitate transferring the pattern from the jpg files to your grid. Irfanview has a straightforward interface so it is easy to use for simple things -- it can do more complex things if you practice a little.

I revised the pattern slightly based on what I learned making the blue cover. A maroon cover was made from the revised pattern to verify the pattern changes were correct; the maroon cloth provides some stretch and the pattern is easier to use than the original so this revised pattern is provided below.

Here is the 580kb zip file containing pictures of the pattern and directions.

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